Riding Camps

One week & two week day camps!

Riding Camps at Mountain View Ranch PhotoOur day camps are perfect for horse crazy kids, they are all about horses, fun and learning! In our five and ten day camps, from 9:30 to 3:30 your child is immersed in the world of horses and Ranch life. Our program not only develops riding skills, but also enhances self-confidence, responsibility and horsemanship skills. Each rider learns to feed, groom, and care for his “own” horse safely and enjoys trail rides and lessons every day.

Here at Mountain View Ranch, we focus on developing a strong heart connection between horse and child. Most children already come with an innate love and interest in horses. We take that attraction and help them build a confident connection based on trust, respect, empathy and appreciation for the special horse they call their ‘own’. By the end of camp, kids have bonded with their mounts and learned a lot more about teamwork and the wonderful world of horses.

FUN AND GAMES: Campers spend until 2:00 with their ‘own’ horse who they bond and work with intensively. After 2:00 campers enjoy a refreshing swim in Joy Pond here at the ranch and other enjoy activities such as: making lead ropes for their horses, writing/drawing in their horse journals, making dream
catchers from their horses manes, learning about horses, and more.

MENTORING: Our camp has a unique mentoring aspect that brings the younger and older students together. Mentors cement their knowledge through helping a younger child that leaves the younger ones feeling cared for and assisted by their older idols. Here at the Mountain View Ranch we believe in fostering a feeling of friendship and co-operation between campers. The supportive and friendly atmosphere is heart-warmingly evident on Horse Show Day when the kids cheer each other on.

RIDING LESSONS: Campers spend lots of time in the saddle learning to ride the fun way. Daily riding lessons involve obstacle courses and games such as egg-and-spoon, ride-a-buck, and Simon Says. Ranch philosophy teaches that doing your best, having fun, good sportsmanship and friendship is what riding is all about. Please review the above Riding Lesson description above, as lessons are a big part of camp.

During their first lessons, camper’s first ‘run’ is recorded on each obstacle event. Throughout the week campers practice, learn and improve their times. As their skills and communication with their horses improve, their recorded times get better and better. This allows for riders to set and achieve constant goals. It also means that kids are basing their success on their own improvement rather than comparing themselves against another rider. This format fosters a healthy and supportive atmosphere here at the Ranch.

Students learn over the course of camp that working with a horse is always a challenge. This means that one moment they are having great communication with their horse and enjoy a perfect ‘run’ of a course and the next moment they are challenged to learn a new skill to bring their performance to a greater level. Riding a live animal is exciting and rewarding, but can make ones performance very unpredictable – so the key is to have fun while trying your best!

TRAIL RIDES: Campers also enjoy a daily trail rides or picnic rides as well. There is something very special about being out in the nature on a special horse, surrounded by mountains and fresh air. For some kids, it’s a world apart from where they daily live. For everyone, it is a calming and special experience, as they enjoy a beautiful nature ride astride an amazing 4-legged friend! All this riding and bonding lays the groundwork for Horse Show Day.

HORSE SHOW: Horse Show Day is the exciting conclusion of camp! Friends, family and spectators are often astonished at the improvement and skill that
has been gained in such a short time! Campers enjoy a real horse show and win ribbons in four different events. Our unique show is designed so that
campers compete against themselves rather than each other in all except one event. This is one reason why campers are so supportive of one another
rather than being competitive. Each rider attempts to beat their best 3 recorded times that they achieved over the course of camp. Thus campers
always win a ribbon and can place 1st through 4th on Horse Show Day. Even when a rider, in the excitement of the day, comes in 4th – they know that
they accomplished a first place time during their camp experience!


TIMES AND AGES: Junior Riding Day Camp runs 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday Rain or Shine. Day Camps have weekends off and run two consecutive weeks Monday – Friday. Parents/Children can choose to do the one week or both weeks. Day Camps are open to riders age five and older. Campers often enroll for more than one camp session.


Lunch ___Snack __Rain Gear __Boots with a Heel __Water Bottle__ Swim Suit
Towel __Overnight Gear includes: ___PJ’s ___Toiletries ___Change of clothes
___Sandals ___sleeping bag ___Pillow ____Flashlight____


9:30 – 11:00: Horsemanship: Learn about horses, skills include: grooming, saddling, feeding, horse behavior, how to work around horses safely and comfortably, horse care, stable care, illnesses and injuries, teamwork, horse connection & empathy, patience and appreciation.

11:00 – 2:00: Riding lessons & Trail Rides: Riding skills include: proper seat, reining, control and communication between horse and rider, walk, trot and canter depending on riding ability, balance, flexibility, children learn how to perform 4 different events/games with their horses for the horse show (barrels, stakes, key hole, etc.), how to ride safely on the trail and in the ring, how to ride properly on trail terrain, patience, perseverance and respect.

2:00 – 3:30 Schedule: This time involves fun activities ranging from hiking, journaling, relaxing, swimming, making horse related tack and crafts and ranch chores.

Friday Horse Show Schedule:

9:00 – 2:00  Regularly scheduled day including a break for lunch.

2:00 – 3:00 One last lesson before the show

3:00- 5:00 Getting horses and arena ready

5:00pm Horse Show: Friends and family come watch with amazement all the events the kids have learned in just 4 days of lessons. Teamwork, camaraderie and fun are stressed and every rider receives a ribbon in each event.


Five Day Riding Camp

July 13- 17 2015

July 20- 24 2015