DSC_0465As head instructor, John stresses unity and understanding between horse and rider. Ranch philosophy is that you are a guest on your mounts and as such you owe your mounts a great deal of respect. Our horses are gentle and willing because of the care and understanding they are given. We believe the best way for a rider to get a horse to perform is to ask. Sometimes the request must be firm, but it must be made with respect and gentleness.. When the rider is an extension of the horse and not a separate entity, cooperation flows naturally. The goal for a rider is to achieve a sense of balance and oneness with their horse. This involves developing trust, clear intention, and learning how to communicate your intention to the horse in a way that develops understanding and agreement.

MVR lessons are also fun with the use of obstacle patterns. Horses can get pretty accustomed to going around and around the ring – becoming as bored and predictable as their rider. Not only do games such as, barrel racing and stakes make riding more fun, it also requires intense use and practice of skills. Focus and concentration is required of the rider, which quickly hones skills and creates a greater connection and essential communication with your horse. When you and your horse are really ‘tuned in’ your riding experience is truly inspiring.

lessons1It is common to see riders advance at an astonishing rate as they learn in this fun environment. The obstacle patterns require the use of focus and attention, steering, body balance and flexibility, control through intentional communication, speed control, planning and trust. Nothing to sneeze at when one thinks of doing this all on the back of a 1000 pound animal!

This intentional interaction with your horse allows for a constant achievement of small goals and at the same time is providing constant challenges. This is why riding at a supportive and positive establishment, results in the rise of one’s self esteem and general over-all happiness! It is a common fact that animals can have a real positive impact on children and adults. Couple that with learning how to really interact with an animal in an intensely physical and trusting way and it brings the impact to a different level. We look forward to sharing with you the world of horses and horse communication. Lessons last one hour each and are offered in Natural Horsemanship Handling, Western and Englishseats, beginner through advanced.

lessons2Lesson Packages Available:
One Private Lesson – $50
One Semi-Private(2) Lesson – $40 per person
Group (3-6) Lesson – $35 per person

Six- 1 hour Group Lessons: $180
Six- 1 hour Semi-Private Lesson: $210
Six- 1 hour Private Lessons: $270


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