Riding at Mountain View Ranch


Our wonderful four-legged friends are eager to give you and your family a great trail riding experience in the beautiful mountains of Vermont!  Because we want our guests and horses to be as comfortable and safe as possible, every trail ride begins with a comprehensive instructional period. Before hitting the trail, experienced guides review the proper Western seat; demonstrate reining commands to turn, slow down, and stop;  and go over trail tips and safety procedures.  This lets riders and their mounts get acquainted, helps riders give gentle and understandable commands, and insures that riders of all levels will enjoy themselves safely. We have several options for riding at Mountain View Ranch, including Trail Rides, Advanced Rides, Cowboy Up Rides, Donkey/Pony Rides, Picnic Rides, Sunset Rides, Dinner Rides and More! Scroll down for more info!

We offer the following:

Group rides (up to 20 riders): There’s only one thing like seeing a long string of horses and riders wind their way along a wooded trail—being in one.  Our group rides are walk rides with some trotting if the size and ability of the group permits.  We always err on the side of caution; so if a guest is uncomfortable with trotting, the group stays at a walk.  Two to three wranglers accompany each group.

Private rides (just your party): Our private rides are a real treat, for they give you the personalized attention of your own wrangler and let you customize the ride.  You can get additional instruction, tour the mountain or the lower elevations, and do some trotting if you like.

1 Hour Trail Rides

2 Hour Trail Rides

This gives our guests a chance to explore Vermont’s always – beautiful countryside on horseback.   Incredible 360 degree mountain views, rolling farmland, a sagey back country landscape, and an ‘enchanted forest’ will leave you astonished with the variety of stunning landscape and hankerin’ for more time in the saddle This ride combines our scenic one-hour coutryside tour with a climb part of the way up Dorset Peak. Several different routes encompass long range mountain views, road trips, a mountainside meadow overlooking the Ranch and the forested mountain. Either route you take the scenery is magnificent! Be sure to bring your camera.

Group Ride $35
Private Ride $55

Group Ride $65
Private Ride $85

Picnic Ride

This 1 3/4 hour ride combines our scenic one-hour countryside tour with a delightful break for lunch in a spot surrounded by mountains. Your wranglers will break out a delicious meal prepared by a nearby deli. Afterwards, you can relax in the sunshine and feed your horse a carrot treat (which comes with your lunch, of course).

$65 per person

Cowboy Up Ride

This exciting riding experience for ages eight and up includes three hours of riding. Start with a relaxing one hour trail ride through Vermont’s scenic countryside. This ride will give you an opportunitycowboyup1 to get to know your horse well and practice reining commands. After a short break, get ready for some fun and laughs as you take a riding lesson and learn several rodeo routines, such as: barrels, keyhole, and stakes. These games are fun and challenging for riders of all levels and participants enjoy an atmosphere of comradely. After the lesson, the hoopin’and hollerin’ will really begin during a friendly competition between the members of your group. This ‘mini show’ cowboyup2show gives you a chance to earn bragging rights if you have the best ‘time’ in one of the events you just learned. Everyone walks away with ribbons and memories to last a lifetime. This ride is a great time for anyone, but especially for families, groups of friends, reunions, business retreats and wedding parties.

$100 per person

Advanced Ride

This one hour ride is designed for the advanced rider that’s looking for a back country adventure.  It traverses through winding and challenging trails at a walk, trot and canter.  Guests must pass a riding review.

$80 per person

Donkey Rides/Pony Rides

pony11pony12This gentle hand led ride will make your child grin with delight and create precious memories. This ride is a unique ride that meanders around the Ranch .

$7 per ride
$15 Package: ride, cowboy hat, & polaroid

Sunset Rides

    The sunset ride is the last ride of the day. The early evening woods are settling down for the night and the air is cooling. The ride is a bit over an hour and we set for a bit and enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains and the tranquil evening skyline. After your ride dig in with the wranglers and learn to untack your horse and bring your horse his evening chow. A great end to a beautiful Vermont day!

$65 per person